SBS is a company dedicated to providing management solutions for businesses and organizations. SBS members have nine years of experience in corporate development consulting and training as well as twenty years working with community development projects in rural areas in Vietnam. Formerly members of the SBS board of directors were the staff of the small and medium enterprise development project implemented by YWAM Mercy Vietnam in collaboration with Swiss Create. SBS, an authorized partner of Swiss Create, applies and transfers international standard management techniques and tools used for nearly thirty years around the world and in Vietnam. The management techniques focus on project management for organizations and strategic management for businesses. Over the past nine years, SBS’s management team has worked with nearly 30 national and international experts to conduct strategic management training for over 1,200 business owners, including in-depth consultancy to more than 30 companies of various scales and industries. More importantly, we have contributed to providing new opportunities for more than 13,000 employees and hundreds of middle managers. In all our activities and management solutions, everyone’s participation is a top priority, focusing on the employees to help them understand and commit to join hands with the businesses and organizations in making changes and maintain the system.

We believe that continuing the path and passion for the development of businesses – organizations – people for nearly a decade, SBS will be YOUR reliable partner and solution. It is our goal that all workers will join hands to bring great success to the businesses and organizations, making their every dream and wish come true.


To be the leading solution for consulting, building a strategic management system with participation in order to create a firm foundation for organizations and enterprises to develop sustainably.


Activate the proactive learning, effective participation and coordination of the entire team in understanding and mastering the transferred set of Swiss Create’s Toolkits.

Core Values

  • Confidentiality of the clients
  • Actively listen, analyze and build solutions for each client
  • International set of toolkits
  • A team of professional, strategic experts

Nguyễn Xuân Dung- CEO, Consultant

“I am very honored to lead SBS with an elite and talented team. I believe that SBS will accompany our customers along the development road to success, bringing all their staff prosperity and happiness.”

With an excellent Master in Business Administration at Latrobe University, Australia, twenty years of experience with community development projects as well as nine years working in business consulting and managing SME development project, Ms. Dung has consulted to over 1,000 businesses operating in various fields. Focusing on the system, mobilizing participation and promoting the internal potentials of the business itself are the values that she always brings to her partners and customers.

Roslyn Jackson - Development Advisor

“The staff have a lot of expertise and they have proven themselves and so it’s right that business pays for these services that will improve their businesses and increase their success.

Roslyn Jackson – Director of YWAM Mercy Vietnam. With more than 40 years of passion and dedication to connect and develop people, Roslyn has successfully connected and implemented hundreds of sustainable community development projects in rural development, education, business development, environment, etc. in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. With strong desire to make a difference for every person, business or community, Roslyn believes that every person is valuable and deserves to be given the opportunity to grow.

Mario Bruhlmann - Strategic Partner

“They are a very enthusiastic and hardworking team. They have a high level of education, they understand the business, they have a professional background, but they also have a strong passion for the country.

Mario Brühlmann- Founder of Swiss Consulting Group SCG AG and its business development branch, Swiss Create, is an internationally operating management consultant and trainer of executive personnel. He specializes in SME development in many countries around the world and is a renowned speaker at many international conferences with nearly 30 years of experience in Switzerland, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Vietnam, etc. For Mario Brühlmann, success has far more meaning than to make a lot of money – because it is also about quality of life as well as responsibility for people and nature.

Gallus Tannheimer - Strategic Partner

“The team of SBS Joint Stock Company acts on a very professional level, committed to hard and efficient work. Since the team has an adequate education they can focus on the customers’ benefits on all levels. They apply a set of Swiss Create tools which they learned from our Swiss trainers. Through the practical approach and the systematic follow-ups, they will lead you to a sustainable success. I can highly recommend the services of SBS JSC and the team to any client”.

Managing thirty SME development programs of COM – Switzerland in nearly 10 countries and being a member of COM’s board of directors, Gallus Tannheimer always appreciates the professionalism, commitment, and efficiency of the SBS team when collaborating with COM as well as the benefits SBS brings to its customers.