BUSINESS CASE-STORY: Multiplication if touched right person could transform a village

Mr. Duong Dinh Khoi – Owner of Duong Kien vermicelli business – “Miến – vermicelli, a kind of noodle made from Galangal root”, participated in the Fundamental Strategic Business Management of Swiss Create in the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project in Quoc Oai district sponsored by COM International – Business Excellence for Community Development in the year 2019. In Quoc Oai, there is one famous craft village for making this kind of noodle, named So village but for many years the people here main income generated from agriculture as cultivating rice, and they only make the noodles as part-time income generation however they have suffered low price, unhealthy competition that they have worked very hard with such limited income.

After participated in SBS’s business training program, Mr Khoi realized he needs to put efforts in doing marketing. He started with registered Duong Kien Noodle brand, Mr. Khoi shared: “Better to have training. If I’m not trained, I do not think that I will bring this kind of noodle to foreign markets”.
Currently, Duong Kien Noodles registered as Duong Kien Manufacturing, Trading and Import-Export Co. Ltd., bringing this traditional kind of noodle not only in domestic market but also export to many difficult markets in Europe, Japan … At the discussion and meeting with SBS, Mr. Khoi is pleased to announce that the Mien Duong Kien product is OCOP 4-star certified for clean agricultural products with strictly controlled for a comprehensive chains from cultivating Galangal roots, to pre-process the roots to ingredients for making noodles…. In the near future, Mien Duong Noodle will be the representative of Vietnamese agricultural products in the Russian Federation.

Leaders in Tan Hoa commune where Duong Kien noodles located are very interested in the operation of this business model and have a land allocation policy to encourage Duong Kien noodle to set up a show-room for Products of Noodle in So village as well as working a catalyst agriculture-based business in branding, promoting products of villages to both domestic markets and international markets.

Visiting and working with Duong Kien Noodles after the post-graduate Swiss Create Strategic Program, SBS is pleased to see the improvements in business strategy, production processes with customers-oriented packaging of Duong Kien Ltd. In discuss with Mr. Khoi in visionary of this business model, Mrs. Nguyen Xuan Dung (expert of SBS) shared the know-how of risk management in exporting, along with presenting, packaging and managing the company along with training the next generation. The son of Mr. Khoi was also a participant of class CEO 18 SBS. Even a stated officer in police industry – a dream career of many youth here, but his son decided to quit the job to focus on developing the family business.

SBS honors to witness the impact from Quoc Oai’s Small Medium Enterprises Development after over two years of implementation. The successes of Duong Kien Ltd will inspire business owners in Quoc Oai in particular and nationwide in general. With knowledge investment from SBS business program, have successfully waked up potential of local business owners as Mr Khoi that will sure bring new hope and future for the whole village of nearly 7,000 residents, so as other noodles producers in other areas.

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