Female Business Owner Aspires to Develop an International Brand

In the past 12 years of doing business, I never thought that my company would grow like it is today. YWAM Mercy Vietnam – with the core members of SBS company – gave us big motivation and helped us be successful beyond our expectations, and I believe that we will continue to achieve even better results in the future
Libra Vietnam Company Ltd.

Mrs. Phi Thi Ut, Director of Libra Vietnam Company Ltd., is one of our excellent participants within the Small and Medium Enterprises Development project organized by YWAM Mercy and sponsored by COM and Swiss Create. With the vision of, “Becoming a leading confectionery brand in Vietnam which is trusted by consumers,” Libra is effectively building its position in the market.

Mrs. Ut and her husband – Mr. Nguyen Duy Viet

Mrs. Ut was a participant in the SME development project in 2011. At this time she was thinking about changing her business. She shared that the lessons on business management provided by domestic and foreign experts in the training program inspired her to develop towards meeting international standards.

At that time, I aspired to produce safe and hygienic, high-quality products which are really different to serve high-class customers, but I still did not know how to start. At the first lesson, Mr. Mario helped me have an orientation to develop. I started to plan for my business model. I also applied the lessons of reducing wastes in production, and improved each department, gradually achieving better business performance. After participating in the Swiss Create Award program, receiving input from Swiss Create and the YWAM Mercy staff, and using the Swiss Create toolkit, we have had significant positive changes and have controlled our internal management and production processes more effectively

Mrs. Phí Thị Út


Along with continuously improving production quality, Libra has focused on development of employees. Mrs. Ut shared that people are the key factor for sustainable business development, hence, she always encourages and creates favorable conditions for employees to attend training courses aiming to enhance knowledge and skills, and also gives policies to build company culture.


Mrs. Ut is aware of the difficulties and challenges that are expected to arise when Vietnam joins the international marketplace, so she has made plans to seize the development opportunities on the horizon. She and her employees in Libra set themselves a clear mission: (1) Customers are the key to implement all business activities. Libra Vietnam Company Ltd. constantly makes efforts and is creative to reach the demand of consumers for high-quality products. (2) Ensure the health of consumers, respect business ethics and obey the law.


Now, Libra, with over 60 employees, are making an effort to build their brand.  Their current target is becoming one of the 10 leading confectionery brands in Vietnam, and in the near future expanding into an international brand.

Thank you COM, Swiss Create and YWAM Mercy as well as SBS company for creating great opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially woman business owners like me, to achieve the dream of starting up a business…

Mrs. Phí Thị Út

Update in 2022: Overcoming challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Libra exports confectionery to 20 countries in the region and around the world, and at the same time expands the influence of the Libra brand in the region. Libra brands have been sold in many stores, and major supermarket chains; that once again affirms the quality of Libra confectionery, proving the right strategy in Ut’s business development. Last year marked the personal development of Ms Ut when she continuously opened 2 more printing factories, creating dozens of jobs for workers during the epidemic season.

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